Do you have free Wi-Fi for your guests?
Then you are going to love Facebook WiFi!

Facebook WiFi is a simple and elegant solution for you to offer WiFi to your guests and visitors in exchange for promotion.

Facebook WiFi increases awareness of your business by inspecting your guests on your Facebook page in exchange for free internet.

Make your guests your ambassadors with Facebook WiFi – An innovative marketing product that creates relevant brand awareness!

Facebook WiFi makes your restaurant or store guests your ambassadors!

Let your guests market your restaurant, shop or salon in exchange for free WiFi!

Benefits of Facebook WiFi

Reach a relevant audience with your Facebook page when your guests check in.
Ready to use on delivery. The product is configured against your Facebook page and is ready to plug in.
No more questions about your password for the Internet.
You increase the reach of your Facebook posts. Guest involvement on the page increases the overall reach of Facebook.
Your guests become your ambassadors when they market your business on Facebook.
Engagement and usage are measurable with Facebook statistics.

Facebook WiFi Statistics:

  • 7 times more in-check on Facebook page after installation.
  • 95% check in on Facebook to use the internet.
  • 70% felt that check-in via Facebook is easy and convenient.
  • 65% saw a check in as a personal recommendation.
  • On average, the number of check-ins increases with Facebook WiFi by 750% per month.
  • 95 out of 100 who see an open network use it.

Facebook WiFi – A cost-effective marketing engine

  • With Facebook WiFi, you get easy access to free viral marketing with a wide range of features.
  • Make your visitors to ambassadors and create a great commitment on your Facebook page.
  • An innovative, modern and target audience relevant way of marketing your business.
  • Market your latest news, service or event directly to your Facebook WiFi users.

What do I get for £37 per month?

Everything! A Facebook WiFi box with 50 meters range pre-configured to your Facebook page. You only need to plug in the power cord and the network cable.

A success story

Restaurant Paganini

The number checked in on the page increased by 1216%

“We noticed that more and more wanted Wi-Fi. It became a part of our waiters’ daily lives to also help guests with connectivity, and the most common issue was” Do you have Wi-Fi? “. It felt a bit boring and in the long run unsustainable so I started looking for solutions online and then found the products from LobuWiFi. It has worked amazingly! “

– Emanuel Paganini

£37 per month.
– No long-term contracts

Check in on Facebook for free WiFi

It’s easy!
Search for WiFi

Find the network

Your Facebook WiFi is going to be called “Free Facebook WiFi | Name of your business” in your guest’s Wi-Fi menu. 8 out of 10 choose an open network before requesting a password for a protected Wi-Fi network.

Check-in on Facebook

Check in for free WiFi

After the visitor has selected your Facebook WiFi connection, the guest is automatically directed to your Facebook page. There, guests are offered to “check in for free internet”.

 Use the Internet

After checking in on Facebook WiFi, the Internet can be used as usual. Facebook WiFi collects demographic customer data that you can use to create the best possible marketing.




“We noticed immediately that check-ins and commitment on our Facebook page increased. We are really pleased.”


Michael Zhan

Phil´s Burger

Hans Isoz, VD

“As a market leader, it’s obvious to us that through a check in on Facebook offer WiFi!”

Red Fellas

Patrik Westbergen

“Increases involvement on Facebook pages and simplifies for our staff who do not get questions about codes for WiFi!”

From £37 per month!

No long term contracts!