Facebook WiFi for Cafes

For less than two lats a week, you get a powerful marketing tool.

Why Facebook WiFi?

  • It’s easy – your customers have access to the Internet by checking in on your Facebook page.
  • Guests stay longer – Statistics show that free Wi-Fi keeps guests staying longer and shopping more.
  • Guests become your ambassadors – when they check in, they create marketing for your restaurant.
  • Access to unique statistics – You get more information about what your visitors are, who can then be used in your marketing.
  • Send unique offers – to guests passing or visiting you.

Ideal for a cafe

Combine a good coffee with free Wi-Fi. A cafe is the ideal venue for Facebook Wi-Fi as your customers can enjoy their coffee while surfing the web.

“An innovative way to connect business and visitors who had not previously been possible.”

Many cafes already offer Wi-Fi to attract customers, but what do they get back? Recent market research shows that up to 75% of all customers in a cafe are looking for the opportunity to connect to Wi-Fi.

With the LobuWiFi, the cafe gets valuable information about visitors who can then be used in the marketing.

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