Facebook WiFi for restaurants

70% of restaurants in the industry allow their customers access to their Wi-Fi.

Why Facebook WiFi?

  • It’s easy – your customers have access to the Internet by checking in on your Facebook page.
  • Guests stay longer – Statistics show that free Wi-Fi keeps guests staying longer and shopping more.
  • Guests become your ambassadors – when they check in, they create marketing for your restaurant.
  • Access to unique statistics – You get more information about what your visitors are, who can then be used in your marketing.
  • Send unique offers – to guests passing or visiting you.

Focus on what you do best
– food, drink & service

Everyday, guests ask for the password for WiFi. At a corner in Stockholm city, the staff counted how many times they got the issue of the WiFi password in one evening. A total of 72 companies asked, a quiet Thursday.

“Sometimes, the interest in Wi-Fi password is greater than the wine list”

The statistics from the Facebook Facebook page show that the average customer is an 18-25 year old woman. This resulted in the hook tailoring parts of its marketing towards the target audience. Today they have a girls party at the pub once a month.

Try Facebook WiFi today!

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Check-ins will help you reach more people

Check-in via Facebook Wi-Fi increases exponentially in a growing curve while increasing the reach of your posts. This means that the more people who engage in your Facebook page, the more people will see the posts you spread in your social marketing.

Let the staff concentrate on offering good mood and serving the food instead of difficult passwords.

LobuWiFi – the little extra for your customers